Thursday, April 29, 2010

Intro "The Mo Show" coming soon

Month 6. Six months I have been free, with the creative freedom to do whatever I want. And 6 months seems like a long time, and you realize, WOW - Life does really get in the way, well that doesnt sound so right. Life HAPPENS. And Life happened for me, with a lot more time alot more can happen. But everything that has happened has contributed to a much more versatile experience. Sitting at a desk answering phones, and organizing someone's schedule isnt exactly exciting. Perhaps maybe if the company you worked for were exciting, (which in the beginning it was) but it changed. And for most who know me, the only reason I ever worked at such a place, was to get my music career going. But Life happened. And 5 years later, I woke up and realized I had to leave to better myself, and follow my dreams.

Now, many have heard me sing this tune before, so I'm not gonna talk anymore about my past, at least in this post. That was just a prelude for newcomers! 6 months, has done alot for me, I've lost some contacts, and reconnected with some. I've hustled, recorded, written, studied, traveled - but a few things I have NOT done is party and bullshit. (I lie I have bull shit). I loved my old job, I loved the company. I learned SOOO much there. I had a front row seat to how it ALL happened. I've seen how people became famous. I've seen all the stereotypical myths about the entertainment industry prove to be true.. "It's not what you know, but you WHO you know", "Money can buy you fame", best believe me it DOES exists. And dont get me wrong, true talent does shine through, occasionally. But true talent does WAY better when they have a team, and that talent cant just rely on their label to make them famous. That talent must also be business savvy themselves, and invest in them self even before their label does.

So for the past 6 months, I've been thinking about everything I've learned and how I'll apply it to my own career. Music that is (I have many ambitions). And I examined myself, my ethics, and my life. I've always known that I'm brutally honest - and sometimes honesty has been a curse and a blessing. Honesty, is what led me to believe that on a business level I hated the music industry but on the creative side, its my LIFE, my RELEASE, its everything I breathe as far as I know, as far my dreams go. I've made WAY to many sacrifices for my music, so I wont let it go WITHOUT a fight. And since honesty has gotten me where I am right now in life, my proposal to is show people how I'm gonna do this damn thing. My challenge is document on video EVERYTHING that will happen behind the scene with the launch of my new Video Blog "The Mo Show". Raw, Uncut, uncensored, honest.. I want to show the studio footage, writing process, editing and mixing, getting critiques and praises, shows and performances, meetings (as they come). That's the honest truth :-) Please stay tuned as i record and post my weekly progress through my video blog. It all ends when I get that FIRST spin on the radio. In my head it sounds easy, but in this industry, I know there'll be many interesting obstacles that I'm sure you'd love to see ;-) you never know..

Questions are welcome, haters not really although I know they'll come lol, and I'll do my best to respond on camera...
Stay tuned for the first installment of "The Mo Show" My journey to fame, up next week


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, February 17th 2010

OMG! I'm happy to say that I've been working out 2-3 times a week, I've lost 6 lbs. Slow progress, but nevertheless PROGRESS baby. It's my first year not working and suffocating within the music industry. But I do miss its perks. I knew eventually I'd miss not knowing about events, and going out with friends after work for a glass of wine/ week etc. I missed fashion week, not like I ever went to super extravagant events then, but once in a while I did. (Spa week is coming up, bet yo bottom i wont miss that!)

I've been working hard, I've been trying to shield my view from all those fancy, pointless things I use to engage in for other ppl's benefit. I've traded all that in to work on my own dream, goals, and purposes for my OWN benefit. Its hard to resist, it really is. My bro and his girl went to Trinidad for carnival, w/out me lol...and two days later a blizzard hit here, He's in the beautiful tropics...while I'm home studying, practicing, and dieting, and it makes it hard to not want to just break loose and just....well just, do what everyone else is doing haha

BUT its paying off, (my studying also as my scores [GMAT] has increased by 30%) I've lost a few pounds, my voice is improving at a great rate, and I'm getting back into recording new material.

however is another story...I've been singing this tune (no pun intended) for a long time that i'm RECORDING new material...

well things aint how it used to be.

Before, studio was paid for, writers were brought in for me and all i had to do was show up and sing. That was on someone else's dime, and that was boring. I know its more work, but it'll be more satisfaction to write, record and produce 100% my entire project, so this is taking a little longer than I anticipated...nevertheless...its being DONE.

I dont know what's next...except for practicing, writing, studying, and dodging snowballs until April...when I do plan on tanning in the carribean isles

O pls note that approximately 35% of the profit made from the sales of "Christmas with Monique" has been donated to the American Red Cross to aid in Hatiain Relief Efforts.
I've noticed that everywhere I go, EVERYONE, EVERY BIZ, and entity big or small is putting effort into raising money to help out. I pray that Haiti is rebuild bigger, stronger, and better - and I continue to pray that we do not forget about them to we have forgotten about others.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday December 27th 2009

Its a week before the end of 2009, and Im anxious to get started on my new years resolution.
I mean why wait until to the new years to start improving on a better you? I strongly believe everyday is a chance to start fresh...or to improve.

I have a few of them however lol....I think that's the problem. I have to many to keep up with. And I mean aint it kind of cliche? Cuz my first to lose weight.

I dare ppl to say I cant do it....I want people to say o you'll just end up like your aunts, and your older family female members that gained weight...its in your genes, u have no control over it.

And I today, I started to believe that. I mean, I'm at an age where my body is changing, however I'm still thinking like how i was in college. I could drink how much I wanted, eat how much I wanted, party and not be tired. I could multitask...and succeed at multiple things.

I feel like I was in a vacuum for 5 years...I worked a desk job...and completely did not realize the changes my body went thru. I gained about 25 lbs...and thought when I quit everything would be the same. That me not sitting down all day would allow me to get back to my old routine and eveything would be alright.

Its not first week after getting "back" to my life, I didnt eat much. And I lost 2, 3 lbs. But I'm eating LESS still...and I've gained 8 lbs. It's not making sense. I cant just believe in eating smaller meals anymore. Its really a lifestyle and mentality change. I'm not gonna lie, i'm lazy. And wanted to do this the easy way. But I have to do this the right way...I want this for me and for my artistry....I mean being fit is necessary to be a great singer as well because it helps your breathing and posture. Anyhoo I've realized more has to be done.

I was told 4 things
1. Take your vitamins
2. Drink Lots of water, eat greens, and fruits
3. Watch your intake, especially my faves (pasta, bread, potato, rice :-(
4. Get active...job, dance class,

I have to this...I mean look at my progress over the last 5 years...I let this go on anyfuther. I WILL start looking like the moon lol